Community Ambassador Project



Pexels is a free stock photos and videos website, our mission is to make the access to high quality photos and videos possible for everyone. While the users don’t directly receive money for each download, they can receive donations and we very often do challenges, events, webinars and partnerships to help them grow in ther carreer.


I was hired by Pexels on January of 2019 to help develop a photography community in Brazil and present the brand to the local photographers, videomakers, local businesses, local brands, designers, startups, potential partners, etc.
Together with Matheus and Monica, we set up events, photo and video challenges, and planned marketing and growth strategies for the company.

Here’s a video I made in our first event in São Paulo, Brazil

I’m still working for them as a freelancer, participating in weekly meetings with the full team to further develop the product.
While working with them we were able to do partnerships with Aputure, Skylum, Linkedin, Google, Fujifilm, DJI and many others.
Most of the work is done remotely as our team is composed with diverse people from all over the world.

Screenshots of the website local community page



Building a whole community from scratch is trully an amazing experience. I was always pretty active in the local community of photographers and filmmakers and really cared for its well-being.

We worked hard (and are still working) to use our resources to make memorable experiences for all the members, giving good exposure for their work, cool prizes and hooking up with job opportunities whenever we can.

I had never worked in a startup before, and it felt like something alien to me, but the technology market is just like space exploration (which is something I’m really into), there’s an endless land of opportunity, walking through paths no one has ever walked before! I’m able to not only do something good, but also improve myself as a professional at a fast rate.

Having a team that hears you, which has your back for you to overcome challenges, composed of amazing and friendly professionals, it’s the perfect work environment to test things out, improve, make mistakes and learn from then, work with lots of people, brands, help local organizations, individuals, it’s hard to describe that in simple words.

Come on, look at this amazing event we did at an abandoned factory in Rio de Janeiro with more than 300 professionals and entusiasts!